Unbound Lexicon

Anonymous asked: Okay, I don't personally believe in many of the things that are on your blog, especially with the "homeless spikes" and being against raising minimum wage. 1. How is putting spikes anywhere helping the homeless? We should be trying to get them off the street not sweeping them under the rug. 2. The economy works by giving people enough money to spend on goods and services so that or can be put back into the economy. Raising minimum wage would actually be beneficial as more people can buy things.


Oh wow. You really have no idea how the real world works, do you? Ok, lemme break it down a bit:

1. The spikes are not to help the homeless. They are to help the property owner who has invested what would probably amount to their entire life’s fortune in their business/building. They are there to discourage anyone, not just the homeless, from loitering and damaging the property. There are countless programs, charities and shelters for the homeless in particular, so the spikes are really an excuse to bitch. Instead of complaining about a private property owner protecting his investment, how about you put your money and time where your mouth is and volunteer/donate to a homeless shelter or food kitchen. It would go a lot farther than your phony internet activism that feeds and houses exactly zero people.

2. You could not be more wrong about the economy. Wages are a by product of the economy, not it’s engine. Think of it like this: You are making paper clips. After you factor in manufacturing costs, overhead, labor costs and the like, you can sell your paper clips for .10¢ a piece. Now let’s say some government official comes and tells you that you have to raise your labor costs from $8/hr to $15/hr. This raise is not due to increased efficiency, but just some arbitrary increase because it makes people feel better and can get a politician re-elected. What do you think happens? Do you, as a manufacturer, eat the extra cost? You already only make a paltry 10-15% per sale. No, what you do is raise the price per paper clip to .20¢. Of course, the wage increase is not for paper clip manufacturers alone, so EVERYTHING goes up in cost. .99¢ hamburgers? Now $2. $3 gallon of milk? Now $6. What this wage increase does is simply raise prices for EVERYTHING

What good is doubling your income if everything doubles in price? You “purchasing power” does not increase in the long run when you arbitrarily raise the minimum wage. Production, profit and efficiency mandate what wages are. Not the other way around.